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School Programmes

Coláiste Gleann Lí offers and delivers a truly child centred education and strives to recognise and support the different types of learner. Our holistic approach to education centres on our Mission Statement which reads:

Coláiste Gleann Lí is a multicultural, multi-denominational post-primary school where all members of the school community are valued irrespective of age, gender, academic ability, class or creed.We will endeavour to provide a quality post-primary education open to all the community combining respectful instruction in academic, artistic and technological subjects delivered in a caring and motivational environment.

Junior Cycle at Coláiste Gleann Lí:

In a bid to deliver this ideal and in recognition of the concept of multiple intelligences we offer a broad and varied Junior Cycle programme. Our school offers mixed ability classes and the following subject arrangement.

Students will take the following mandatory subjects;

CSPE, English, History, Gaeilge, Mathematics, Physical Education, Religious Education, Science, SPHE.

Students are offered the following optional subjects on a carousel of 2 weeks each as part of our taster programme and then may choose to keep one subject in each category for the remainder of the Junior cycle. Categories change due to student preferences.

Category 1: Business/ Home Economics/ Engineering

Category 2: Wood Technology/ Coding/ Geography

Category 3: Art/ Digital Media Literacy/ Graphics

Category 4: French/ Applied Technology/ Wood Technology

*Please note that subjects may change due to numbers.

The three-year Junior Cycle programme is complemented by the Junior Certificate Schools Programme (JCSP) that supports learners and sets out clear learning objectives. It enables the learners to take part in a range of innovative initiatives, to arrange educational outings and interactive learning experiences. The positive progress of our learners is rewarded during our celebration day. The JCSP is not separate from the Junior Certificate programme is merely acts as a means of guiding students towards the successful completion of the Junior Certificate.

Transition Year Programme

Transition Year is an optional programme being offered by Coláiste Gleann Lí for students upon completion of their Junior Cycle. It offers students the opportunity to renew and consolidate the work done in Junior Cycle, explore new areas and methods of study, and make a more mature and informed choice regarding their future development and learning at Senior Cycle level.

Senior Cycle at Coláiste Gleann Lí:

We offer a varied range of practical and academic subjects at senior cycle.

The following mandatory subjects will be taken by students at senior cycle.

English, Gaeilge, Mathematics and Link Modules

The other optional subjects are split into categories depending on student survey/ choice and show are subject to change. The optional subjects are available in the following categories subject to change are;

Category 1: Business or Engineering or Home Economics

Category 2: French or Design Communication Graphics (DCG) or Geography

Category 3: Art or Biology or Construction Studies

Category 4: History or Leaving Certificate Physical Education or Computer Science

In addition students have the following non-exam subjects; Religious Education, Career Guidance, Wellbeing, RSE, Physical Education and Computers.

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