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Coláiste Gleann Lí- flying the flags for anti-bullying and positive mental health promotion


Coláiste Gleann Lí has become the first school in Kerry and one of only 5 post-primary schools nationally to be presented with the ISPCCs ‘Anti-bullying’ flag. The accolade is presented in recognition of the school community’s commitment to strengthening their preventative and proactive approach to bullying. The prestigious flag was raised by Kerry player and School Mentor Darren O’ Sullivan on the 8th of February 2016 to the applause of the students and staff of the post-primary school.

The ‘Anti-bullying Flag’ is an honour bestowed on schools that have made concrete efforts to ensure the implementation of an evidence-informed approach to the management and prevention of bullying. The flag is awarded to schools and clubs that not only fully implement the ISPCCs Shield Campaign but fulfil six additional criteria, such as: completing the ISPCC Shield My School of Anti-Bullying Toolkit; ensuring a dedicated Anti-Bullying coordinator is assigned within the school; installing the ISPCC ‘Stand Up’ Report (online) Tool to their web page; as well as a range of cross-curricular events and activities. One of the most noticeable visual reminders of the school’s proactive approach to positive mental health is the large anti-bullying wall that greets you as you enter the main corridor. This wall was created by the students and is regularly updated with information and supports available to students.

At the official launch, the ISPCC’s Sinead McKee commended the staff and students of Coláiste Gleann Lí for their continuous efforts to prevent and combat bullying in the school. She explained that “All too often within the ISPCC we see the damage and impact bullying can have on a young person’s self-esteem and confidence. The experience of bullying can prevent a young person from reaching their full potential in childhood and can have long lasting negative effects into adulthood. The ISPCC are extremely proud of Coláiste Gleann Lí for taking a preventative and evidence informed approach to bullying. They are now leading the way in the Kingdom, as shining examples on working that extra mile towards the Flag”

The Anti-bullying flag was raised in tandem with a recently awarded ‘Amber Flag’ for positive mental health promotion. The Amber Flag was presented to the school for its relentless work on bringing about a cultural change in the promotion of positive mental health within the school context. This initiative was coordinated by Kerry ETB’s Ms. Niamh Mulligan.

The school’s characteristic spirit has been commended for promoting mental and physical health and for breaking down barriers to inclusion by combatting racism, bullying and isolation. Many of the speakers at the launch commented on the positive feeling they got on entering the school. Youth and Community Engagement Worker with Jigsaw Kerry, Donagh Hennebry captured the sentiment when he commented on the ‘warm, welcoming and open atmosphere that captured him’ when he first came to speak with students a number of years ago. The relationship with agencies, such as Jigsaw has proved invaluable to realizing the school’s objective to lead the way in creating a positive learning environment



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Sometimes it can feel powerless when cyberbullying happens to you. But you are in a position to do something about it. Targeted online abuse will not stop until you do something about it. TackleBullying recommends that if you are receiving targeted online content (e.g. abusive comments, images, memes, video clips, movies etc.) to do the following:

  • Tell parents and teachers;
  • Take a screenshot/ download the abusive material and keep it “as evidence”;
  • Report and block the bullies immediately. Do not wait for them to target you with more abusive content

Taking a Screenshot

Taking a screenshot is one most useful tools a computer can do. And this can be done in a variety of ways:

  • PCs and Macs have screenshot tools like the “Snipping Tool” which allows you select an area of the screen and save it as a picture
  • Use the Print Screen key. It looks like this: “PrtScn” and it is found on the keyboard. You may also have to press the “Alt”, “Shift”, “Windows” or “Fn” keys at the same time depending on the type of computer you have. Once you have taken the screenshot, you can paste it into the Paint application and save the screenshot as a picture.
  • Smartphones usually have side click buttons that you can press at the same time. It takes a picture of the screen like a camera and stores the screenshot usually in Photo Gallery. Sometimes you might have to find screenshots in a Screenshot section in your Files.

Make sure the screenshot has as much identifiable information as possible. You want the screenshot to provide authorities/ social media/ people who can help you with the most information you can give them. Try to make the screenshots show the following:

  • The name/ username of the bully/ies;
  • The profile picture/ icon of the bully/ies account;
  • The abusive content itself;
  • Where the abusive content came from (i.e. obvious signs it came from Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok etc.);
  • Evidence that the bully/ies deleted abusive content;
  • Any reply you gave. Particularly if the reply was to tell the bully/ies to stop.

A single screenshot does not have to display all of this information. But you may need to take several screenshots so as to document the trail of abuse that led to this point.



Coláiste Gleann Lí stands up to bullying and launches the ISPCC bangle in Kerry

The ISPCC has launched its 2016 Shield Campaign, raising awareness of the need to Stand Up Against Bullying, and asking the public to support the campaign by buying a bangle in Penneys’ stores nationwide. Last year, the Penneys bangles raised over €36,000 for the Shield Anti-Bullying programme.

You can support this campaign by simply purchasing a Shield bangle in Penneys Tralee. The ISPCC bangle features the shield pendant with a bangle for women and a band for men, both featuring the blue Shield colour. The bangles cost just €2.50 and you can also buy Shield pins, which cost €2, at all Penneys outlets nationwide. All profits will be donated to the ISPCC Shield programme.

Coláiste Gleann Lí, who were the first school in Kerry to receive the Shield Flag as part of the Shield Anti-Bullying programme, will launch the Shield bangle in Kerry.

IPSCC Chief Executive Grainia Long stated: “In 2015, 7,048 contacts were made to Childline about bullying. The young people we work with in our mentoring and emotional and behavioural support services in the community also bring up bullying as a key issue for them.* The Shield Programme is available to schools, clubs and other groups working with young people, with a range of supports to help them to tackle and prevent bullying – Shield My School Toolkit, Shield My Club Toolkit, Shield Flag and the Shield Youth Award; all developed by the ISPCC to support our communities.

Coláiste Gleann Lí’s Assistant Principal Maryanne Lowney stated: “Colaiste Gleann Li were the first school in Kerry to receive a Shield Flag so we are hoping to encourage other schools in the area to get involved in the anti-bullying campaign. We are delighted to be involved in the Shield campaign and continue to stand up to bullying.

“What you wear can make a difference. Buy your bangle in Penneys Tralee and help support a really good cause.”

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